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At Least Wave Your Handerchief At Me



Released: 13th Oct 2017


Gorgeous, spirited and deeply moving, these Mesmerising arabesques & heart-breaking laments make for A thrilling introduction to Saze, one of Europe’s richest but most overlooked musics.

“Albanian saze is a haunting, often melancholy style that features clarinet, violin and complex iso-polyphonic singing that combines at least two melody lines. This powerful music is little known outside southern Albania, but that could change thanks to Saz’iso, a group of virtuoso musicians who came together with help from Joe Boyd, a producer who has worked with everyone from Nick Drake and Fairport Convention to Cubanismo and Songhai.” - The Guardian. “Boyd wanted to record Saz’iso’s music as though it were a Blue Note session or Deutche Grammophon string quartet, and their debut is refreshingly free of the hi-def faux intimacy that plagues world releases” - The Wire.


At Least Wave Your Handerchief At Me


  1. Tana
  2. Kaba me violine
  3. Penxheren e zotrise sate
  4. Valle Postenance
  5. Trendafili flete-flete
  6. Goca e berberit
  7. Valle Minushi
  8. Nenocke
  9. Kaba me klarinete
  10. Beje dru ne percellime
  11. Fole moj mike nje fjale
  12. Valle e Osman
  13. Takes
  14. O bandill mustaqezi
  15. Avaz
  16. Doli Laceja nga stani