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The Turbans

The Turbans

six degrees


Released: 6th Apr 2018


the multinational musical collective combines traditional, Near-Eastern and Eastern-European styles with original compositions, to create modern and energetic performances that remain faithful to their ancient roots.

The group’s members have come together from Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Greece and England, and their debut album is the culmination of 7 years of playing, travelling, improvising, collaborating, and performing. in a 500 year-old farmhouse in rural Northumberland, inhabited by a thriving community who share The Turbans’ vision of unity in diversity, they wrote and developed 30 songs that formed the basis of the this album. the record takes us on a journey through the rhythms, scales, melodies and languages that reflect the band’s musical journey.

The Turbans


  1. Riders
  2. Sinko Moy
  3. Zawi
  4. Samia
  5. Kansianitsa
  6. Aman
  7. Hamouda
  8. Chubby
  9. Madhavski Horo
  10. Ruuah
  11. Hackney