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Released: 29th Jun 2018

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2LP + download

Released: 29th Jun 2018


Volume 1 of this sensational series marks the first decade of the label’s existence & takes in big band orchestras, home-grown stars, touring bands & a new generation that would emerge at the end of the ‘60s.

Strut present the first ever compilation series to access the archives of one of the greatest of all French Caribbean labels, Disques Debs out of Guadeloupe. Since its inception in the late ‘50s, the label has covered styles varying from early biguine & bolero to zouk & reggae. Debs played a pivotal role in bringing the créole music of Guadeloupe & Martinique to a wider international audience. covering the early years of the label from 1960-1972, the set Includes many unseen archive photos, full sleeve notes & artist interview. Fans of the excellent Ernesto chahoud compilation – also released in 2018 – will love this so much!



  1. Daniel Forestal Et Sa Guitare – Ces P’Tits Je T’Aime
  2. Casimir Létang – Travail Z’Enfants! Chantez Après!
  3. Cyril Diaz Et Son Orchestre – Feeling Happy
  4. Georges Tinedor Et Manuela Pioche – Collié Et Zanno
  5. Henri Debs Quintet – Douce Kombass
  6. Joseph Lacides – Mr. Morin
  7. Geno Exilie – Lan Misè
  8. Dolor Et Les Diables Du Rythme – Salvana
  9. Sydney Lérémon Et Ses Amis Du Calvaire Baie- Mahault – You You Matayango
  10. Raymond Cicault Et Son Orchestre Volcan – À Mon Ami Lucien Jolibois
  11. Orchestre Esperanza Et Jean Leroy – Ou Pas Bel
  12. Henri Debs Sextet Et Paul Blamar – Moin Çé On Maléré
  13. Le Ry- Co Jazz – Si I Bon Di I Bon
  14. Remy Mondey – Meringue Mondey
  15. Henri Guedon Et Les Contesta – Van Van
  16. Les Shupa Shupa D’Haiti – Batterie Shupa
  17. Paul Blamar Et Vélo – Lovency
  18. Eric Virgal – Stanislas
  19. Les Aiglons – Les Aiglons Ka Satisfait
  20. Tutus De La Guyane – Nanao Nanao
  21. Guy Conquette – Assez Fait Cancan