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Funky Country 2



Released: 9th Mar 2018


this is a Selection of obscure and underrated Country-Funk, Blue-Eyed-Soul, and other swinging Rhythm & Blues oddities from the Sixties and Seventies.

expect the best versions of Little Richard/Jerry Lee Lewis/Jack Hammer you’ve never heard on these brilliant crate-dug cuts.

Funky Country 2


  1. Gates Of Hell - Valverda
  2. Baby Sometimes The Road Is Rough - Charles Vickers
  3. Sixteen Tons - Sundae Flavour
  4. Baby Take Your Time - Steve Akin
  5. Funky Duck - The Marvels
  6. I Feel Good - Jimmy Rogers Quintet
  7. Brand New World - The Notions
  8. Funky Country - Jesters III
  9. Baby Don't Do It - The Chosen Few
  10. Come On Back- Pokerface
  11. Might As Well Give Up - Janet Lee
  12. Richest Man In The Graveyard - Scotty Evans & Suburban Sounds
  13. Minutes Of Heaven - Mystic Four