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BC Camplight

Deportation Blues

bella union


Released: 24th Aug 2018


limited 180gram silver lp + download

Released: 24th Aug 2018


an exhilarating, dynamic document of calamity and stress, relayed through richly melodic and bold arrangements spanning singer-songwriter classicism, gnarly synth-pop, ‘50s rock’n’roll and various junctures in between.

Christinzio recorded the album mostly on his own, plus drummer Adam Dawson, occasional guitar by Robbie Rush, and a couple of session horn players. The lead track is ‘I’m Desperate’, “an ominous synth burner,” says Christinzio, with a Suicide-style throb and a haunting female vocal counterpoint that underlines the album’s manic, careering edge, fantastic hooks and instrumental verve. “utterly compelling it is too, its piecemeal approach taking the fractured pop of van dyke parks into a realm of synth-deep neurosis, droning chords and stoned piano jazz, managing to somehow square a circle connecting prince, suicide and dennis Wilson” 8/10 – uncut.

Deportation Blues


  1. Deportation Blues
  2. I'm in a Weird Place Now
  3. Hell or Pennsylvania
  4. I'm Desperate
  5. When I Think of My Dog
  6. Am I Dead Yet?
  7. Midnight Ease
  8. Fire in England
  9. Until You Kiss Me