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Sean O'Hagan

Radum Calls, Radum Calls

Drag City


Released: 25th Oct 2019



Released: 25th Oct 2019


Nearly 30 years after his solo debut ‘High Llamas’, o’hagan has returned with a follow up full of wonderfully light, off kilter musical loveliness.

You may venture upon how it will sound, but you will delight instead to discover that Sean continues to modify, adjust, turn and amend aspects of his unswaying beliefs to produce sound fresh and new. Threaded in with exquisite melodies are hard-punching drumsounds, low rumbling synths, an extra-sharp dubby sound-design for percussion. In moments of this concision of old and new, Sean’s goal is honestly to conjur a new musical language. Sean’s approach to lyrics reaches for the deft, tongue-in-cheek understatement of a LeCarre or a Philip K. Dick – and as fantasia melts into social portraiture into out-there sci-fi, we discover some of Sean’s most toothsome topics – one of the standouts being ‘The Paykan (Laili’s Song)’ tells the story of one of the Shah’s servants masking a dash for freedom at the dawn of the Islamic revolution in 1979 Iran. The album is a light delight, and marks this place in time as a very pleasant stop on the way forward.


Radum Calls, Radum Calls


  1. Candy Clock
  2. Better Lull Bear
  3. I Am Here
  4. The Paykan (Laili's Song)
  5. McCardle Brown
  6. Clearing House
  7. On A Lonely Day (Ding, Dong)
  8. Spoken Gem
  9. Sancto Electrical
  10. Take My Steps (Nora Bramms)
  11. Radum Calls
  12. Calling, Sending