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I Marc 4

GLP 1001 (red sleeve)

Sonor Music Editions

record store day exclusive 2017 - 180g LP

Released: 22nd Apr 2017

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The first volume from the Nelson Records series by the infamous Italian Jazz quartet! - Seminal, deep Underground session by the legendary Italian Library studio combo with tones of sleazy sounds: from the Psychedelic guitar riffs, the crazy tough Funk and the groovy sharped beats to the lovely Jazz arranged theme music influenced by Samba, Bossa Nova and Easy Listening vibes of the time.

I Marc 4 provided some of the best cinematic and theme music of the time, and this is one of their deepest productions. Top Italian Library LP production! Limited edition of 500 copies exclusive for RSD 2017. Track list: 1. Sambaquarta 2. The Sound 3. Sketch 4. Nichole 5. Les 6. Relax 7. Kim 8. Weston 9. Welcome 10. Effetto Cuore 11. Smookie 12. Underground 13. Wonder

GLP 1001 (red sleeve)