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jimi tenor

Order of Nothingness



Released: 8th Jun 2018



Released: 8th Jun 2018


Mind travel is easy with jt’s new album – a mad 21st century jazz-funk odyssey.

Jimi Tenor's mind will travel where his body can't go - Living in isolation in east-Helsinki suburb he picks mushrooms and has exotic musical fantasies. He made a quantum connection in Berlin with rhythm geniuses Ekow Alabi Savage and Max Weissenfeldt to create this latest opus. Using the historically failed experimental Hammond keyboard ‘Extravoice’ opened the floodgates of tenor’s creative passages. this and a host of other exotic instruments create a mystery tour that is part red snapper, part Salvador dali.

Order of Nothingness


  1. Mysteria
  2. Naomi Min Sumo Bo
  3. Quantum Connection
  4. Tropical Eel
  5. My Mind Will Travel
  6. Chupa Chups
  7. Max Out
  8. Order of Nothingness