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Julian Argüelles' Tetra


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Expected Release: 20th Jul 2018


Tonadas (Tunes) is the lyrical and vibrant new quartet album from saxophonist Julian Argüelles.

Drawing on his Spanish roots, Tonadas has everything you’d want and expect from a contemporary Jazz album, yet it surprises with shifting turns of phrase and effortless band interplay. A flexible and intelligent rhythm section composed of pianist Ivo Neame, bassist Sam Lasserson and drummer James Maddren deliver on the promise in Argüelles's writing and arrangements. Exploratory in feel yet integrated in one strong and committed sound, Tonadas is profoundly joyful and masterfully produced



  1. Alalá
  2. Alfama
  3. Bulerías
  4. Tonadilla
  5. Barrio Gótico
  6. Alegrías
  7. Sevilla
  8. Tía Mercedes