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Jonny Lang




Released: 25th Aug 2017


LP + download

Released: 25th Aug 2017


not merely a return to the artist's guitar-based beginnings, but an embodiment of an even more elemental sound, this is a must for enthusiasts of the stevie ray Vaughan-style bluesy solo persuasion.

Beyond focusing attention on his soloing prowess, it is about recapturing the spirit of the early blues, where the guitar was front & centre. The record, which features funk, rock, & blues elements, is held together by Lang's distinctive playing & singing, & the lyrics, which centre on themes of embattlement & self-empowerment. Since the release of his debut album, Grammy Award winning Jonny Lang has built a reputation as one of the best live performers & guitarists of his generation. The path Lang has been on has brought him the opportunity to support or perform with some of the most respected legends in music.




  1. Make It Move
  2. Snakes
  3. Last Man Standing
  4. Signs
  5. What You're Made Of
  6. Bitter End
  7. Stronger Together
  8. Into The Light
  9. Bring Me Back Home
  10. Wisdom
  11. Singing Songs