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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

War Machine (A Netflix Original Film Soundtrack)



Released: 11th Aug 2017


white 2LP (pre-order)

Expected Release: 15th Dec 2017


red 2lp

Released: 15th Dec 2017


These two masters of film music have produced a score of particularly compelling stand-alone quality here, where light meets darkness and meditation meets movement on what the pair call “spiritual electronics”.

Military snares set a sharp cadence beneath the score’s eerie synths and strings, reminiscent of the texture of 2016’s amazing ‘Skeleton Tree’, and the ‘Hell Or High Water’ score. that said this is somewhat atypical in feel to the pair’s other film work, with the hand of others offering subtle deviations, such as kosmische master Roedelius, who contributes four movements. Cave and Ellis are calling this their favourite soundtrack work, and who are we to argue? ’War Machine’ doesn’t sound like a typical Cave and Ellis score. It feels like they’ve fallen back in love with not only music, but scoring films. Every track feels epic, but understated at the same time…their twelfth score and arguably their best.” 8/10 – drowned in sound

War Machine (A Netflix Original Film Soundtrack)


  1. Ah America
  2. Humble Man
  3. The Bubble
  4. The Civilian Executive
  5. In Liebe Dein (Roedelius)
  6. Badi Basim
  7. Kamee (Roedelius)
  8. The Moon Landing
  9. Our Noise
  10. Fabelwein (Roedelius)
  11. Jeanie
  12. NY Snow Globe (Rachel’s)
  13. Thousands Of Parades, All Over America
  14. Marjah
  15. Staunen im Fjord (Roedelius)
  16. The Hand Of Helping
  17. Be Lovely
  18. A Page In The History Books
  19. War Machine