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The Nextmen vs Gentleman's Dub

Pound for Pound



Released: 22nd Jun 2018



Released: 29th Jun 2018

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a musical masterclass in that uniquely UK tradition, blending dancehall, dub, ska, reggae, roots and rap brought to you by the Leeds to London lads of live dancefloor destruction.

Featuring a raft of raucous guest vocals including Eva Lazarus, Kiko Bun, Joe Dukie (Fat Freddy’s Drop), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Hollie Cook, P Diggs (Shapeshifter), Gardna, J Man & Parly B. The Nextmen know a good groove, Releasing their own albums and setting clubs and festivals ablaze over two decades. Nine-piece Gentleman’s Dub club are a legendary mix of unbridled talent, frenzied fun and infectious energy, reflecting their desire for a damn hot dubbed out paradise of pure celebration.

Pound for Pound


  1. Highs and Lows Ft. Joe Dukie
  2. Spooky Ft. Hollie Cook & Kiko Bun
  3. Rudeboy Ft. Gardna
  4. See You Next Tuesday Ft. Kiko Bun
  5. Holla My Name Ft. Chali 2na & P Diggs
  6. Misty Eyes Ft. Eva Lazarus
  7. One Horse Town Ft. J Man
  8. Running Scared Ft. Parly B, Eva Lazarus & Gardna
  9. County Line Ft. Kiko Bun
  10. Pristine Ft. Eva Lazarus & Gardna