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Philip Lewin

Am I Really Here All Alone? (2017 reissue)



Released: 10th Mar 2017



Released: 31st Mar 2017

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the 1975 Private-press vinyl has finally been remastered from the original tapes, reviving the melancholy magic of this classic folk gem.

‘"Unusual Day" is an example of me being honest struggling to develop and maintain a relationship, but ultimately realising it was not going to succeed. "Watercolours" documents a crushing experience, but is couched in metaphor. I hope that listeners will relate through their own experiences, and because my reality is implied, not specified, will not be limited to mine. I once heard John Prine complain that there was no point in writing a 'train song' because Steve Goodman had already written the perfect one with "City of New Orleans". Naturally, I had to write "Back Home, To You", my idea of a train song where I tried to capture the movement of the train in the rhythm of the guitar. As for the other six songs, to me, they all reflect realities, experienced, observed and imagined.’ "Phil Lewin's homespun debut is a loner folk masterpiece; accidentally psychedelic, lit by heartbreak and timeless in its sadness and hope." - Jeff Conklin, WFMU


Am I Really Here All Alone? (2017 reissue)