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Shelagh Mcdonald


talking elephant


Released: 18th Aug 2017


the mysterious Scottish folk singer-songwriter treads the line between joni Mitchell & sandy denny on her breath-taking second and last album.

she only released two albums before her abrupt and mysterious disappearance in 1971. On her albums, she was backed up by many notables within the English folkrock scene, including Richard Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Danny Thompson, Keith Tippett, Keith Christmas and the Fotheringay rhythm section. Her life has been a truly remarkable one with a story that’s barely believable involving drugs, a disapproving family and living in the woods in a tent.




  1. Rod’s Song
  2. Liz’s Song
  3. Lonely King
  4. City’s Cry
  5. Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
  6. Baby Go Slow
  7. Canadian Man
  8. Good Times
  9. Odyssey
  10. Stargazer
  11. The Road To Paradise
  12. Sweet Sunlight
  13. Spin (version 1)
  14. Rainy Night Blues
  15. Spin (version 2)
  16. Dowie Dens Of Yarrow (version 2)
  17. Dowie Dens Of Yarrow (false Start)
  18. Stargazer (demo)
  19. Stargazer (false Start)