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Wilson And Swarbrick

Kailyard Tales



Released: 12th Jan 2018


The duo, backed by Wilson’s band & several special guests, continue to explore the intersections of various folk/rebel musics of the past 400 years.

Sadly, this marks Dave Swarbrick’s last studio album, recorded before he passed away in 2016. The album includes a few self-penned cuts, Sandy Denny’s ‘It Suits Me Well’, John Dowland’s ‘Say Love if ever thou didst find’, & the Scottish abduction ballad ‘Eppie Moray’. Special guests include Martin Carthy, Dick Gaughan, The Battlefield Band’s Alan Reid & Rob Van Sante, Ian Campbell & his son, UB40’s Ali Campbell (marking the only time father & son sang together on record). “Head & shoulders, the most eclectic, catholic & coherent musical banquet of 2014 thus far.”

Kailyard Tales


  1. Wishing
  2. Herodotus And Thucydides (Im A Winner)
  3. Tummle-The-Cran
  4. The Barren Rocks Of Aden
  5. The Soldiers Of The Queen
  6. Old Man’s Song
  7. Ruby
  8. Say Love If Ever Thou Didst Find
  9. My Love Has Flown (Little Millie)
  10. Seven Yellow Gypsies
  11. It Suits Me Well
  12. Eppie Moray
  13. Farewell To A Poor
  14. Man’s Son
  15. Swarbus Canadiana