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Duncan Chisholm




Released: 27th Apr 2018


Duncan has created an epic multi-layered cinematic masterpiece with an imagined narrative that joyously revels in the transcendent wonder of nature.

Deeply moved and motivated by the experience of trekking wild in the North West Highlands, Chisholm has crafted beautiful soundscapes inspired by the light and colour of the changing seasons. Two years of imagining, writing and production have resulted in Duncan capturing this wild place musically. This is new music, which is true to its tradition. Track arrangements include an array of instruments and layer upon layer of harmonies, yet still Duncan’s musical voice is clear. His music is elegant, trancelike and tender, laced with strokes of genius. fans of karine polwart and Julie fowlis will love this.



  1. The Pilgrimage
  2. The Light Of Tuscany
  3. Haze Across The Sun
  4. A Precious Place
  5. Dizzy Blue
  6. The White Bird
  7. Islands On the Edge
  8. Snow On
  9. High Ground
  10. The Burial Clouds
  11. Perfect Storm
  12. North To Cape Wrath - The Dark Reel
  13. Bagh Seannabhad