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PP Arnold

The Turning Tide

Kundalini Music


Released: 6th Oct 2017


red lp

Released: 6th Oct 2017

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although completed in 1971, this immaculate soul record has been criminally held from ear-reach until now, and it’s achingly gorgeous.

produced partly by barry gibb and partly by eric Clapton, with a stunningly dynamic and versatile voice and breath-takingly written songs, this has all the ingredients of a true lost classic. Arriving in England as an Ikette with the Ike & Tina review in the mid-60's, PP was spotted by Mick Jagger who immediately convinced Andrew Loog Oldham to sign her to his label Immediate Records. Several huge hits followed, 'First Cut is The Deepest', 'Angel Of The Morning', 'If You Think You’re Groovy' and so on… PP became one of the iconic faces of the 60’s. her sound sits perfectly next to dusty springfield, van Morrison and Dionne warwick.  


The Turning Tide


  1. Medicated Goo
  2. Born
  3. If This Were My World
  4. High and Windy Mountain
  5. Spinning Wheel
  6. Bury Me Down By the River
  7. Children of the Last War
  8. Brand New Day
  9. The Turning Tide
  10. You've Made Me So Very Happy
  11. Give a Hand Take a Hand
  12. Happiness
  13. You Can't Always Get What You Want