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Released: 1st Dec 2017


limited 2lp

Released: 1st Dec 2017


this fantastic comp collects the best New Zealand material from their halcyon, forgotten afrotastic days of 1973 to 1983.

Aotearoa. New Zealand, nineteen seventy something. A constant supply of international soul, funk, and disco releases were available for local issue through the major labels , but things got really interesting when local artists found their soul on vinyl. A new generation was taking over and they wanted to boogie. A funky revolution was brewing with bands that’d been mired in the middle ground now swerving into sounds more suited to the disco than a rugby club social. These then are the songs that drove a country from black and white to technicolour, and being a scene born in total isolation it took turns that weren't heard anywhere else. This is funk, soul and disco as it would’ve sounded if Studio 54 had been set up within five minutes of a dairy farm, a rugby club and a marae.



  1. Dalvanius & The Fascinations - Voodoo Lady - 12 inch mix 1977
  2. Collision - You Can Dance 1978
  3. Mark Williams - Disco Queen 1975
  4. The Johnny Rocco Band - She's Knocking At My Door 1975
  5. THe 1860 Band - That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You 1978
  6. Inbetweens - Mr Funky 1975
  7. Tina Cross - You Can Do It 1979
  8. Golden Harvest - I Need Your Love 1978
  9. Mark Williams - House For Sale 1977
  10. The Pink Family - Don't Give Your Life Away 1978
  11. Prince Tui Teka - Heed The Call 1974
  12. The Yandall Sisters - Sweet Inspiration 1975
  13. Sonia & Skee - There's A River Somewhere 1978
  14. Ticket - Mr Music 1973
  15. Larry Morris - Who Do We Think We're Fooling ? - 1976
  16. Herb McQuay - Night People 1983
  17. The Totals - Total Man 1980