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Released: 31st Aug 2018


The Northern Soul’s Classiest Rarities series has showcased high quality soul dance records from the 60s to the early 70s, beloved of collectors and dancers who have had their fill of the “Top 500”.

Having put out six CDs in the series, we thought it was about time for a vinyl release, and here it is - 14 tracks of the absolute crème de la crème. Enjoy this strong selection in a classic Kent LP format and, if you’ve avoided digital up to now, remember there are another 130 equally fine tracks out there waiting for you on CD.



  1. LOVE SLAVE - The Antellects
  2. TELL ME, BABY - Karmello Brooks
  3. IT’S WRITTEN ALL OVER MY FACE - Marva Holiday
  4. CUT LOOSE - Jeanette Jones
  5. I ONLY CRY ONCE A DAY NOW - The Fidels
  6. TRY MY LOVE - Troy Dodds
  7. JUST YOUR FOOL - Eddie Whitehead
  8. A MAN OF MY WORD - Salt & Pepper
  9. AIN’T NO TELLING - Houston Outlaws
  10. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW - Ty Karim
  11. DO IT - Pat Powdrill
  12. LOSING CONTROL - Mary Saxton
  13. WHAT GOOD AM I WITHOUT YOU - Darrow Fletcher
  14. STRANGE NEIGHBORHOOD - The Imaginations