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Jim Copperthwaite

Ballroom Ghosts

village green


Released: 15th Dec 2017


LP + download

Released: 15th Dec 2017


the debut album from the soundtrack composer is a delight, with intimately crafted neo-classical pieces that invite and intrigue rather than drown in melancholy.

As a soundtrack artist in his own right, these tracks recall the work of Danny Elfman in their haunting, choral refrains. However, copperthwaite has an affinity for the avant garde, his music box orchestrations driven through with the repetitive, percussive iterations of Steve Reich, calling to mind Jamie xx’s most recent collaborations with Wayne McGregor and the Royal Ballet. We’re also reminded of johann johannsson’s beautifully tempered soundtrack work, with copperthwaite firmly in that echelon. “The music is transporting, allusive, suffused with a sense of joie de vivre… he’s not only gone looking for ballroom ghosts; he’s coaxed them from their corners, and invited them to dance again” – a closer listen

Ballroom Ghosts


  1. The Dancers
  2. like Butter
  3. Her Spell
  4. Cold Light
  5. Ruins
  6. Grand Master
  7. The History Of Cubes
  8. Lights At Indian Cove
  9. Powder Games
  10. Hourglass