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Michael Vallera

All Perfect Days



Released: 13th Jul 2018



Released: 13th Jul 2018


vallera continues to distil his singular, cinematic approach to sound; constructing a lush, deeply emotional album that jettisons the overt rhythms and explicit drum programming that characterised much of his earlier work.

Instead, in its tightly focused reliance on little more than guitar and amplifier feedback, supplemented by piano and synthesiser, the album explores a sparse but rich palette that evokes the ambient works of Harold Budd—although filtered through Vallera’s own sharp-edged sensibility. He also sings and plays guitar in the experimental rock group Luggage. "head-spinning material that evokes the razor-thin liminal space between here and the hereafter."  - SPIN.

All Perfect Days


  1. All Perfect Days
  2. In Midafternoon
  3. Elon
  4. Pale Watered Floor
  5. Stare