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Welcome To Japan

Hut Records


Released: 18th Jul 2005


Welcome To Japan


  1. Menu Loops - Welcome To Japan
  2. Welcome To The North (Live In Japan)
  3. Truth Is No Words (Live In Japan)
  4. Freedom Fighters (Live In Japan)
  5. Cessation (Live In Japan)
  6. Human (Live In Japan)
  7. The People (Live In Japan)
  8. Breakin' (Live In Japan)
  9. Into The Night (Live In Japan)
  10. Getaway (Live In Japan)
  11. I Need Love (Live In Japan)
  12. One Way In, No Way Out (Live In Japan)
  13. Too High (Live In Japan)
  14. Take The Long Road And Walk It (Live In Japan)
  15. Bleed From Within (Live In Japan)
  16. Disco (Live In Japan)
  17. Welcome To The North (Live In Liverpool)
  18. The People (Live In Liverpool)
  19. Take The Long Road And Walk It (Live In Liverpool)
  20. Freedom Fighters (Live In Liverpool)
  21. Bleed From Within (Live In Liverpool)
  22. I Need Love (Live In Liverpool)
  23. Freedom Fighters
  24. Breakin'
  25. Bleed From Within