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my bloody valentine

ecstasy & wine

lazy records


Released: 5th Dec 2011

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original pressing copies of this rare 1989 album, a recent unexpected warehouse find by the band.

compiling the early eps 'strawberry wine' & 'ecstasy', this find should come as a dream come true to devotees of the shoegazers’ legacy. mbv are name-checked by a healthy percentage of up & coming rock bands & their unique sound redefined what noise meant in pop music. the 2 eps on this release marked the early stirrings of the band’s iconic sound, with a greater focus than their previous efforts, developing  their droning swirl. this fortunate happenstance has unearthed a super rare record that won't stick around for long!

ecstasy & wine


  1. strawberry wine
  2. never say goodbye
  3. can I touch you
  4. she loves you no less
  5. the things I miss
  6. i don't need you
  7. (you're) safe in your sleep (from this girl)
  8. clair
  9. you've got nothing
  10. (please) lose yourself in me