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Michael Kiwanuka

home again



Released: 12th Mar 2012


deluxe cd

Released: 12th Mar 2012

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lp + download

Released: 12th Mar 2012


joyous album steeped in the classic soul songwriting of bill withers & otis redding, delivering on the promise & hype.

a talent that could so easily have been put through the industry blender has emerged unscathed with an organic sounding album which justifies the bbc’s bestowal of the “sound of 2012” award. flutes, horns, strings & even sitars gravitate to his richly textured voice, uplifiting guitar & magnetic melodies, it’s no wonder adele & laura marling have both invited him to open their shows. “a folk/soul album, warm & understated with a breath of psychedelia… run through with a faith & sincerity” – bbc, “fulfilling the potential in his warm voice” 4/5 – mojo.

home again


    1. Tell Me A Tale
    2. I'm Getting Ready
    3. I'll Get Along
    4. Rest
    5. Home Again
    6. Bones
    7. Always Waiting
    8. I Won't Lie
    9. Any Day Will Do Fine
    10. Worry Walks Beside Me

Deluxe edition bonus tracks

    1. They Say I'm Doing Just Fine
    2. Now I'm Seeing
    3. Ode To You
    4. I'll Get Along [Ethan Johns Sessions]
    5. I Won't Lie [Ethan Johns Sessions]