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Richard Hawley

standing at the sky's edge



Released: 7th May 2012


2lp + cd

Released: 7th May 2012


ominous story telling & cosmic exploration, grounded by his rich baritone - a euphoric, sonic assault featuring some of his most visceral & moving numbers to date.

channelling elements of psychedelia, space rock & ragas with heavy riffs & raw guitar solos. hawley’s 6th studio album marks a seismic change in direction. he explores themes of love, loss, redemption & darker areas of the human condition. moving away from the orchestration of his previous records, this is very much a live album with 2 guitars, bass, drums & “rocket noises”! an epic musical journey, showing the sheffield guitarist could teach lanegan a thing or 2 about hard rockin’ numbers with a lot of heart.

standing at the sky's edge