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Cancer For Cure



Released: 2nd Jul 2012



Released: 2nd Jul 2012


the Hip-hop pioneer returns deploying menacing synths, fist-pumping beats, bottomless bass, live instrumentation, addictive hooks & a host of awesome guest spots.

joining forces with interpol's paul banks, outkast associate & atlanta native killer mike, nick diamond of islands & eccentric rappers Mr Muthaf*ckin’ eXquire & Danny Brown, Musically, the record takes another leap forward from his 2010 instrumental workout. it's dark, heavy & pretty angry, but el-p's flow provides an energetic, charismatic & often humorous presence, constantly on beat & on point, lending a forward thinking, classic hip-hop narrative to an otherwise progressive album. "for all its darkness, paranoia & rage, 'Cancer For Cure' emerges as one of the year's most endlessly re-playable records" 8/10 - drowned in sound.

Cancer For Cure


  1. Request Denied
  2. The Full Retard
  3. Works Every Time (with Paul Banks of Interpol)
  4. Drones Over Bklyn
  5. Oh Hail No (with Mr. Mothaf*ckin’ eXquire & Danny Brown)
  6. Tougher Colder (With Killer Mike & Despot)
  7. True Story
  8. The Jig Is Up
  9. Sign Here
  10. For My Upstairs Neighbor
  11. Stay Down (With Nick Diamonds of Islands)
  12. $ Vic/FTL (Me And You)