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Micachu & the Shapes


Rough Trade Records


Released: 23rd Jul 2012


lp + cd

Released: 23rd Jul 2012

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mixing a host of eccentric influences & bizarre instrumentation into gloriously fun, addictive skewed pop, the sound of sheer, unbridled, artistic joy.

micachu, raisa k & marc pell create something truly unique, light hearted yet weighted with subtle undertones of punk's emotional urgency. the diy aesthetic of their debut is still present in spades, meaning the music is most satisfying when these beguiling sonic scraps gradually shift into brilliant bursts of art-pop madness. "there’s a sense that micachu’s songs aren’t written, but birthed; thrown at the wall like a jackson pollock painting; a collage of sound & ideas" 4/5 - drowned in sound "when mica whips her arsenal of whirrs & scrapes into twisted approximations of pop songs, the results are pretty wild" - bbc music.



  1. Easy
  2. Never
  3. Waste
  4. Sick
  5. OK
  6. Low Dogg
  7. Holiday
  8. Heaven
  9. You Know
  10. Glamour
  11. Top Floor
  12. Fall
  13. Nothing
  14. Nowhere