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transfiguration of vincent

bella union


Released: 10th Dec 2012

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reissue of m ward’s 2nd album, originally released in 2003 on matador, it's a record of sleepy summer melancholy, rooted firmly in old time americana.

from the buoyant, late-beatlesque 'vincent o'brien' to the dank, shuffling, south of the border groove on 'sad, sad song', the troubadour manages to capture a timeless folkiness & match it with a surreal & sparkling sense of nostalgia that clearly echoes tom waits. ward's take on country & particularly his vocals somehow fit perfectly with giant sand, sparklehorse, & california's surreal, pastoral psych-pop outfit grandaddy (whose jason lytle contributed some field recordings). just check his stunning transformation of bowie's 'let's dance', which proves there's some deeply buried pop beneath these honest folk tunes.

transfiguration of vincent


  1. Transfiguration #1
  2. sad sad song
  3. Vincent O'Brien
  4. Voice at the end of the line
  5. Duet for guitars #3
  6. Outta my head
  7. Involuntary
  8. Helicopter
  9. Poor boy minor key
  10. Fool says
  11. Get to the table on time
  12. Undertaker
  13. Dead man
  14. Let's dance
  15. Transfiguration #2