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Blitzen Trapper




Released: 30th Sep 2013


white lp

Released: 2nd Oct 2013

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full of the vivid folk-rock-campfire-tales that frontman eric earley is so well known for, their lo-fi country-infused art rock has never sounded so intimate.

‘vii’ opens with a nod to am radio & the plethora of readily accessible influences you imagine earley soaks up, segueing into ‘feel the chill’, whose upbeat arrangement might lead you to shake a hip or tap a toe, but at heart is a southern adventure leading you down a dark & gloomy crooked bend. ‘drive on up’ is a soulful, almost bluesy rendition of small town tales of quirkiness, enlivened by funky electric piano & little synthesiser squiggles. "ever loved once" juxtaposes the uplifting country-gospel feel with all its regrets & tragic lost love while "don't be a stranger" disguises a more optimistic sentiment in the sounds of nostalgic americana, but they all still point to the same worn out place in the heart of old e. earley.



  1. Feel The Chill
  2. Shine On
  3. Ever Loved Once
  4. Thirsty Man
  5. Valley Of Death
  6. Oregon Geography
  7. Neck Tatts, Cadillacs
  8. Earth (Fever Called Love)
  9. Drive On Up
  10. Heart Attack
  11. Faces Of You
  12. Don't Be A Stranger