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Sargent House


Released: 28th Oct 2013

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gatefold lp + download

Released: 28th Oct 2013


vacillating from sombre-yet-soaring post-rock melodies on one track to pummelling metal heft on the next, ‘memorial’ sounds like an album with split personalities.

perhaps the most immediately apparent characteristic of the 5th russian circles album is its wide range of emotion, a careful balancing between heavier, rocking moments with a monolithic intensity  & pretty, orchestral touches that are far more restrained, delicate & atmospheric. as such the album almost feels like stages of grief - a notion aided by the clever structuring, in which it ends in the same place as it starts, & special guest vocalist chelsea wolfe lending her haunting vocals to the closing title track.



  1. Memoriam
  2. Deficit
  3. 1777
  4. Cheyenne
  5. Burial
  6. Ethel
  7. Lebaron
  8. Memorial (Featuring Chelsea Wolfe)