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indoor living



Released: 12th Mar 2014


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Released: 12th Mar 2014

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The introduction of new sounds to Superchunk's unwavering guitar rock approach makes huge ripples of change in these songs.

the subtle shifts in the instrumentation do as much to signify growth as the moves from headstrong noise rock to melancholic songcraft that came before, from the vibraphone breakdown on ‘Martinis on the Roof’ to unexpected organ tones on tracks like ‘Burn Last Sunday’ & ‘Song for Marion Brown.’ Even when the songs are fast, they lack the unhinged push of early efforts, looking far more inward than before. Similarly, the anthemic feel of prior crowd favourites is replaced by Mac's maturing narratives & quiet observations, musical & lyrical. the songs here are growers, slow burners, & ones to revisit with greater understanding & reward as the years go on.

indoor living


  1. Unbelievable Things
  2. Burn Last Sunday
  3. Marquee
  4. Watery Hands
  5. Nu Bruises
  6. Every Single Instinct
  7. Song for Marion Brown
  8. The Popular Music
  9. Under Our Feet
  10. European Medicine
  11. Martinis on the Roof