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Hurray For The Riff Raff

Small Town Heroes



Released: 31st Mar 2014


limited pink lp + cd

Released: 31st Mar 2014

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urban crafted, woody guthrie-inspired, contemporary hobo-folk anthems that play fast & loose with genre tropes without losing the essence that makes them universal.

alynda lee segarra, the mastermind (& sometimes sole member) behind ramshackle new orleans-based folk ensemble hurray for the riff raff, has a sonorous & soulful voice, & her ability to weave a real sense of place & emotional authenticity into well-worn folk motifs make for a compelling listen, especially when she peppers the familiar with a pinch or two of subversion. both ‘crash on the highway’ & ‘the body electric’ are built upon a foundation of tumbleweed-strewn, dust bowl fatalism, but the former turns tragedy into amusing tour diary fodder & the latter offers a up a smart, feminist take on the traditional murder ballad.

Small Town Heroes


  1. Blue Ridge Mountain
  2. Crash On The Highway
  3. Good Time Blues (An Outlaw’s Lament)
  4. End Of The Line
  5. The New SF Bay Blues
  6. The Body Electric
  7. No One Else
  8. St. Roch Blues
  9. Levon’s Dream
  10. I Know It’s Wrong (But That’s Alright)
  11. Small Town Heroes
  12. Forever Is Just A Day