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brian eno & karl hyde

High Life



Released: 30th Jun 2014


ltd indies only gatefold 2lp + download + dlx art print

Released: 25th Aug 2014


drawing inspiration from the repetitive minimalism of composers like Steve Reich & Philip Glass & from the polyrhythmic funk of Fela Kuti ("the clearest expression yet of ‘Reickuti’"), this time the pair really catch our ear.

The 2nd full-length collaboration between these 2 highly respected & influential electronic musicians comes hot on the heels of their highly acclaimed debut ‘Someday World’. although this 6 track / 45 minute effort carries on the glitch-funk flavour of 'Someday World', it actually offers us a much more exciting picture of what these 2 are capable of : emeralds / mark mcguire-esque soundscapes that call to mind eno's much revered 1981 collabroation with david byrne on 'my life in the bush of ghosts'.

High Life


  1. Return
  2. DBF
  3. Time To Waste
  4. Lilac
  5. Moulded Life
  6. Cells & Bells