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Shackles Gift

bella union


Released: 26th Jan 2015


LP + cd

Released: 26th Jan 2015


the 2nd album from the mauritian & japanese quartet captures their live energy spectacularly well, sounding big, funky, rhythmic & hook-laden.

the band describe this record as "a British rock record made by a British group" but there are still elements of tropical funk & jazz & more involved in this fun, richly textured album. andrew hung of fuck buttons production shines through on the keyboards, distortion & general sense of propulsion & energy. fans of fumaca preta, bo ningen, tame impala / pond & goat should definitely try this one out. "Zun Zun Egui's endlessly enjoyable second album is a bold & brilliant statement - an amorphous thing that entices & beguiles whilst simultaneously delivering heart-quickening thrills." - 8/10 drowned in sound. 4.5/5 musicomh

Shackles Gift


  1. Rigid Man
  2. African Tree
  3. Ruby
  4. I Want You To Know
  5. Soul Scratch
  6. Tickle The Line
  7. The Sweetest Part Of Life
  8. Late Bloomer
  9. City Thunder