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uncle acid & the deadbeats

The Night Creeper

rise above

limited red / clear 2LP

Released: 4th Sep 2015

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Released: 4th Sep 2015


more sonic psych-frazzling heavyness & blood drenched pop, hoovering up trash/pop culture & spitting it back out in hot chunks of finely-hewn riffola & righteous rock ‘n roll noise.

Make no mistake though they are a pop band too: a pop band of the most fuzzed-up, subversive kind. One with three part harmonies that sing of death and murder. But a pop band all the same. fans of electric wizard, fu manchu, black sabbath & qotsa take note - this lot will stir your heavy-psych-rock loving souls. “This album goes back to my original vision for the band, which was to take our love of girl groups – The Ronettes, The Shangri-La’s, Phil Spector – & making it ultra-dark, lyrically,” says Starrs. “It’s about balancing those sugar melodies with evil, insidious intent”.

The Night Creeper


  1. Waiting for Blood
  2. Murder Nights
  3. Downtown
  4. pusher Man
  5. Yellow Moon
  6. melody Lane
  7. the Night Creeper
  8. Inside
  9. Slow Death
  10. Black Motorcade