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U.S. Girls

half free



Released: 25th Sep 2015


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Released: 25th Sep 2015


the Illinois-born, Toronto-based artist Meghan Remy is A captivating musical force - Meg has evolved from the raw, corrosive 4 track fidelity found on her early records to the more unabashed art-pop found here.

‘Half Free’ is an honest & lyrically jarring exploration of emotions, drenched in a bath of raw beats & loops that have become the hallmark of her work with producer & frequent collaborator Onakabazien. Other album guests include Slim Twig, Ben Cook (Fucked Up, Young Guv), Amanda Crist (Ice Cream) & Tony Price. an enchanting document of life at the point when it feels most on its knife-edge. “She’s the fast-rising exponent of luscious lo-fi DIY pop.” - The Guardian, “With each successive release, you’re never quite sure which Girl you’re going to get: the avant-pop deconstructionist, the 1960s traditionalist, the basement R&B diva.” - Pitchfork


half free


  1. Sororal Feelings
  2. Damn That Valley
  3. Telephone Play No. 1
  4. Window Shades
  5. New Age Thriller
  6. Sed Knife
  7. Red Comes In Many
  8. Shades
  9. Navy & Cream
  10. Woman’s Work