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chorus: the complete album collection


5cd + book box set

Released: 11th Dec 2015

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Spread over five CDs and housed in a beautiful hardbound book (designed by long-time associate and former v23 collaborator Chris Bigg), 'Chorus' consists of all three studio albums, both singles compilations and a wealth of previously unreleased demos, radio sessions, remixes and rarities.

Formed in London in 1988 by childhood friends Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi, Lush expertly fused melody and guitars to create a sound that was christened ‘shoegaze’ well after they released their first records. Over the course of a decade, the band (which also included Chris Acland on drums and Steve Rippon on bass, later replaced by Phil King) released 3 studio albums – 'Spooky' (1992), 'Split' (1994) and 'Lovelife' (1996). In addition, they put out a mini-album 'Scar' (1989) and a string of EPs that were used to create the compilations 'Gala' (1990) and 'Topolino' (1996), two albums that would ultimately bookend their story. Following the tragic death of Chris Acland in late 1996, the band were left too grief-stricken to continue. Coinciding with the news that the remaining members are to reunite next year, the long-awaited Lush anthology is finally here.

chorus: the complete album collection