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HALFAXA (2016 reissue)

Arbutus Records


Released: 1st Apr 2016


lp + download

Released: 1st Apr 2016


finally reissued, the seeds sewn here would go on to form huge parts of Claire boucher’s opuses ‘visions’ and ‘art angels’.

decidedly less pop than anything she’s done since, ‘halfaxa’ is a journey through midnight pop, obscured lyrics and anti-lyrics. vocals are treated as a rhythm line rather than a focal point and the hypnotic grooves are all the more druggy for it - in places it almost sounds like a chopped and screwed version of her later work. if ‘visions’ was her pop album for the night and ‘art angels’ for the day, then ‘halfaxia’ is the fever dream that inspired both – light and dark and, despite being experimental, accessible and hugely rewarding and enjoyable.

HALFAXA (2016 reissue)


  1. Outer
  2. Intor / Flowers
  3. Weregild
  4. sagrad прекрасныи
  5. Dragvandil
  6. Devon
  7. Dream Fortress
  8. World ♡ princess
  9. † River †
  10. Swan Song
  11. Omega
  12. My Sister Says The Saddest Things
  13. Hallways
  14. Favriel