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Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not



Released: 5th Aug 2016


limited indies-only purple lp + download

Released: 5th Aug 2016

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lp + download

Released: 5th Aug 2016


11th studio album from these rock heroes (& the 7th featuring the original line-up of mascis, barlow & murph) soars with the same oft-imitated but never outdone brand of guitar-driven indie they perfected on 1988’s ‘bug’.

There’s no doubt about it - this is the record that the fans have been waiting for since the original line up reformed. The sound is great & roaring with J’s various bleeding ear psychedelic guitar touches oozing their way into the smudge-pop modelling, while Murph’s drums pound like Fred Flintstone’s feet & Lou’s bass weaves back & forth between proggy melodicism & post-core thug-hunch. “older, wiser and in no danger of extinction” – 8/10 uncut  “something in the chemistry between mascis & barlow pushed the former towards his greatest work” – 4/5 mojo

Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not


  1. Goin' Down
  2. Tiny
  3. Be a Part
  4. I Told Everyone
  5. love is..
  6. Good to Know
  7. I Walk for Miles
  8. Lost All Day
  9. Knocked Around
  10. Mirror
  11. left/right