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Girma Beyene & Akale Wube

Ethiopiques 30: Mistakes On Purpose



Released: 10th Feb 2017


ethiopiques presents the legend that is Girma Bèyènè – 14 tracks of a master at work that are an absolute joy to behold.

After an exile to the United States and a radio silence that lasted 25 years, he jubilantly accepted the invitation from the French group Akalé Wubé to return to the spotlight and perform once more. The comeback took place in 2016 during a memorable concert alongside Akalé Wubé at the Studio de l'Ermitage (Paris 20). Tracks (Arte), Le Monde, Libération relayed this major event, which aroused many strong emotions amongst fans of Ethiopian Music. The adventure could not stop just yet...Under the direction of Francis Falceto (director of the famous Ethiopiques series) Girma and Akalé Wubé came together and recorded this album in order to immortalise this renaissance.

Ethiopiques 30: Mistakes On Purpose


  1. Tewèdjign Endèhu (Ahun Negèrign)
  2. Ené Nègn Bay Manèsh
  3. Muziqawi Silt
  4. Enkèn Yèlélèbesh
  5. Bèmèlkesh Aydèlèm
  6. Feqer Endè Krar (Yebèqagnal)
  7. Mèslogn Nèbèr
  8. Fetsum Fetsum (Tirulegn Tolo)
  9. For Amha
  10. Sét Alamenem
  11. Wub Nat
  12. Mèlèwètesh Menèw
  13. Tsegérèda
  14. (Malus Track) Tewèdjign Endèhu (Ahun Negèrign)