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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Original Soundtrack)

Angelo Badalamenti

Death Waltz Recoding Company

gatefold 180gram 'cherry pie' colour 2lp

Released: 17th Feb 2017


Twin Peaks' uglier, weirder and darker prequel gets the deathwaltz treatment, showcasing Badalementi’s fittingly more brooding score to the David Lynch feature film.

Debate surrounding the quality of the film itself might rage between fans, but it is easy to forget that the soundtrack taken in isolation is something of a fully formed masterpiece, teeming with unsettling, smokey jazz bursts and nuanced, creeping sound design. It’s another knockout package, the music spread across two lp’s, packaged with similar style to the previous Twin Peaks release, and with an essay from the man Mark Kermode in the liner notes, too. that gum you like is back in style! etc…

Angelo Badalamenti


  1. Theme From Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me
  2. The Pine Float
  3. Sycamore Trees
  4. Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)
  5. A Real Indication
  6. Questions In A World Of Blue
  7. The Pink Room
  8. The Black Dog Runs At Night
  9. Best Friends
  10. Moving Through Time
  11. Montage From Twin Peaks - Girl Talk / Birds In Hell / Laura Palmer's Theme / Falling
  12. The Voice Of Love