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forever hugo

deep distance

very limited (500 only) splatter lp

Released: 31st Mar 2017

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the german psych/kraut maestros’ live album, recorded in the “Graf Hugo“ Feldkirch, Austria is electrifying as they channel “improvised acid freakouts”, in which no one knows what’s coming next, creating a palpable excitement.

“the venue is incredibly old and atmospheric and a wonderful place to perform; and with the Graf Hugo crew fighting it’s closure ‘til the end, the name for the record became obvious. Also, the concerts there always become total freak-outs; a cellar full of crazed, sweaty people had us freaking out on stage, with them doing likewise out front! It’s a special place with a loaded atmosphere, which we feel you can hear within these tunes”. Now in its 20th year, Zone Six, (formed initially by Dave Schmidt), it might be argued are “even wilder live than in their childhood” according to Dave.


forever hugo