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molly nilsson


night school

limited (800 only) lino-block handstamped 7" + download

Released: 28th Apr 2017

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featuring 2 exclusive songs unavailable on any other release, molly gets romantic in her signature crystalline synth style.

Over a rousing, even anthemic, verse/chorus one-two, a soaring synth-string hook that rides the handclaps beautifully, we‘re soon left wondering whether our beloved narrator is really focusing on the “other” at all. Love lets you down: treat it mean, keep it keen, & remember if you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love anybody else? On the flip, Quit (In Time), is a classic minor-key Nilsson elegy to obsession & addiction, sounding almost close to an early 80s Springsteen love-story. Here we imagine Nilsson at the piano, her heart a resounding bell for all longing. If About Somebody is the tumultuous onset of an affair, here we’re hopelessly drawn to the flame, unable to leave alone that which causes the sweetest pain.




  1. About Somebody
  2. Quit In