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The Kooks

best of… so far


cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 19th May 2017


deluxe 2cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 19th May 2017


2lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 19th May 2017


The Best Of… So Far marks the return of British Indie icons The Kooks.

Celebrating over 10 years since their 5xPlatinum selling debut album Inside In/Inside Out, this 18 track album features the much loved ‘Naïve’, ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’ and ‘Ooh La’ as well as new singles ‘Be Who You Are’ and ‘Broken Vow’.

best of… so far


  1. Naïve
  2. Always Where I Need To Be
  3. Junk Of The Heart (Happy)
  4. Bad Habits
  5. She Moves In Her Own Way
  6. Shine On
  7. Seaside
  8. Down
  9. Sofa Song
  10. Is It Me
  11. You Don't Love Me
  12. Forgive & Forget
  13. Ooh La
  14. Sway
  15. Eddie's Gun
  16. Matchbox
  17. Be Who You Are - Alternative Intro
  18. Broken Vow
  19. Eddie’s Gun (Original Version) (deluxe 2cd only)
  20. Sofa Song (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  21. Pull Me In (deluxe 2cd only)
  22. California (deluxe 2cd only)
  23. Slave To The Game (deluxe 2cd only)
  24. Constantine’s Love (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  25. Naive (Alternate Version) (deluxe 2cd only)
  26. Suburbs (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  27. Lesson Number 3 (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  28. The Saboteur (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  29. Shine On (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  30. Disappear (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  31. Catch That (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  32. Creatures Of Habit (deluxe 2cd only)
  33. Lonely Cat (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  34. Gap (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  35. Always Where I Need To Be (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  36. If Only (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  37. Be Mine (Demo) (deluxe 2cd only)
  38. Bus Song (deluxe 2cd only)