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The Free Life

so recordings


Released: 9th Mar 2018



Released: 9th Mar 2018


the Bristol-based alt-rock mavericks cook-up a fevered maelstrom for a fractured era, helped out along the way by mike kerr of royal blood as they riff to infinity.

this set of songs veer gloriously between the anthemic and the gritty, the psychedelic and the pop, the unhinged and the profound. this is a breakneck sonic journey of driving bass lines, immersive overdrive and cutting synthesisers, tracks racing through pounding verses before exploding into big choruses. “Turbowolf have outdone themselves again with ‘The Free Life’. A fun, ethereal trip through the mind of some talented if twisted musicians” 4/5 – cryptic rock

The Free Life


  1. No No No
  2. Capital X
  3. Cheap Magic
  4. Very Bad
  5. Halfsecret
  6. Domino
  7. Last Three Clues
  8. Up & Atom
  9. Blackhole
  10. The Free Life
  11. Concluder