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hey colossus


riot season

super limited 2lp + download

Released: 23rd Mar 2018


originally released in 2011 by Riot Season on CD and ridiculously limited LP – their 7th album comes with a bonus LP containing different takes and versions, plus a cut that didn't make the first press and is a must for fans of bardo pond, big brave and oxbow.

the record was recorded by an 8-piece lineup, lights down, volume up. Over 48 hours, it was done. Not a single idea was brought to the table but somehow it all fell into place, assuming you think 'falling into place' sums up ‘RRR’ (it totally does). “Synthesisers, a relatively new weapon in Hey C’s inventory, are possibly not being used this excellently as a noise weapon by any other fringe rockers out there” 8/10 – drowned in sound.



  1. Teased From The Nest
  2. The Drang
  3. RRR
  4. Rotated For Success
  5. Almeria, Spain
  6. Warmer The Belter
  7. I Am Bunga Bunga
  8. Teased From The Nest (Alt Version)
  9. Under And Under
  10. Rotated For Success (Alt Version)
  11. RRR (Alt Version)
  12. I Am Bunga Bunga (Italo Version)
  13. Warmer The Belter (New Born)
  14. Teased From The Nest (Alt Version)