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Satan in Love ‐ Rare Finnish Synth‐Pop and Disco 1978‐1992*


cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 24th Apr 2018


2lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 24th Apr 2018


This explosive set of 22 floorfilling synth‐italo‐tech‐disco blasts from the past charts the rise and heyday of the synthesizer in Finnish pop music.

Compiled by renowned Helsinki DJ and music historian Mikko Mattlar, these 22 choice cuts from 1978 to 1992 include many cult hits and impossibly rare tracks, such as the Fenno‐Italo‐disco cult classic Satan in Love by Emilia and the synthetic experiments of Argon and Syntax.

Satan in Love ‐ Rare Finnish Synth‐Pop and Disco 1978‐1992*


  1. Fredi: Se outoa on
  2. Stiina: Automaattirakas
  3. Stressi: Tatsia
  4. Digital Dance: Cairo C
  5. Emilia: Satan in Love
  6. Argon: San Salvador
  7. Leevi and the Leavings: En tahdo sinua enää
  8. Belaboris: Kuolleet peilit
  9. Tyhjät Patterit: Liian myöhään
  10. Raya: Harhaa
  11. Heinäsirkka: Rakkaus
  12. BB: Computer Talk
  13. Tapa Paha Tapa: Vanha suola janottaa
  14. Tapa Paha Tapa: Mennyt maailma
  15. Syntax: Help me
  16. Tuija: Fiilis
  17. Meiju Suvas: Pidä musta kiinni
  18. Jerry: Nyt tanssitaan
  19. Mick Hanian: 17‐Up
  20. Fresco: Jousimiehen kuolema
  21. Press: Fashion maailma
  22. Juha Ahlgren: Puutarha