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Girly-Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set



Released: 4th May 2018


7lp + download

Released: 4th May 2018


this extensive, limited edition box set celebrates the anniversary of her seminal 90s album with the first ever official release of the legendary “Girly-Sound” songs, which have been restored from their original three cassettes.

It also contains a remastered edition of ‘Exile In Guyville’ & a 44 page book containing an extensive oral history, essays by Liz Phair & journalist Ann Powers, never before seen photographs, artwork & ephemera. Originally released in 1993, this feminist landmark is one of those records that you’ll find in countless lists…Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest albums of all time” & Pitchfork’s “Top 100 albums of the 90s”, etc. Numerous essays & think pieces have been written about it & the number of accolades piled on is endless. the grungy undercurrents of this record seat it perfectly alongside nirvana, pj harvey’s first two albums & the breeders.

Girly-Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set


  1. 6'1"
  2. Help Me Mary
  3. Glory
  4. Dance of the Seven Veils
  5. Never Said
  6. Soap Star Joe
  7. Explain It to Me
  8. Canary
  9. Mesmerizing
  10. Fuck and Run
  11. Girls! Girls! Girls!
  12. Divorce Song
  13. Shatter
  14. Flower
  15. Johnny Sunshine
  16. Gunshy
  17. Stratford-On-Guy
  18. Strange LoopWhite Babies (Girly-Sound Version)
  19. Shane (Girly-Sound Version)
  20. 6 Dick Pimp (Girly-Sound Version)
  21. Divorce Song (Girly-Sound Version)
  22. Go West (Girly-Sound Version)
  23. Don't Holdyrbreath (Girly-Sound Version)
  24. Johnny Sunshine (Girly-Sound Version)
  25. Miss Lucy (Girly-Sound Version)
  26. Elvis Song (Girly-Sound Version)
  27. Dead Shark (Girly-Sound Version)
  28. One Less Thing (Girly-Sound Version)
  29. Money (Girly-Sound Version)
  30. In Love w/Yself (Girly-Sound Version)
  31. Hello Sailor (Girly-Sound Version)
  32. Wild-Thing (Girly-Sound Version)
  33. Fuck And Run (Girly-Sound Version)
  34. Easy Target (Girly-Sound Version)
  35. Soap Star Joe (Girly-Sound Version)
  36. Ant In Alaska (Girly-Sound Version)
  37. GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS (Girly-Sound Version)
  38. Polyester Bride (Girly-Sound Version)
  39. Thrax (Girly-Sound Version)
  40. Miss Mary Mack (Girly-Sound Version)
  41. Clean (Girly-Sound Version)
  42. Love Song (Girly-Sound Version)
  43. Valentine (Girly-Sound Version)
  44. Gigolo (Girly-Sound Version)
  45. Flower (Girly-Sound Version)
  46. Batmobile (Girly-Sound Version)
  47. Slave (Girly-Sound Version)
  48. Open Season (Girly-Sound Version)
  49. Whip Smart (Girly-Sound Version)
  50. Suckerfish (Girly-Sound Version)
  51. California (Girly-Sound Version)
  52. South Dakota (Girly-Sound Version)
  53. Bomb (Girly-Sound Version)
  54. Easy (Girly-Sound Version)
  55. Chopsticks (Girly-Sound Version)