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Jon Hassell

Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)



Released: 8th Jun 2018


very limited lp + download

Released: 8th Jun 2018


his first record since 2009 is a masterful vapour of electronic drones and distant drum beats, interrupted by otherworldly  rifts of melodic interjections – far too deep a listen to resist being totally captivated.

"Jon Hassell's ideas and techniques have so thoroughly permeated lo- and hi-brow electronic music that it's difficult to think what contemporary music would sound like without his influence. I repeat: there's categorically no doubt that Hassell has had as an important effect on contemporary music as Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix or James Brown or the Velvet Underground." - The Wire. “magnificent comeback from the fourth world pioneer” 9/10 – uncut.

Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)


  1. Dreaming
  2. Picnic
  3. Slipstream
  4. Al Kongo Udu
  5. Pastorale Vassant
  6. Manga Scene
  7. Her First Rain
  8. Ndeya