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ostgut ton


Released: 22nd Jun 2018


2LP + download

Released: 22nd Jun 2018


the Dutch-born, Washington-based producer has undergone a metamorphosis – one that began with a medical emergency and has dovetailed into personal musical transformation.

Having narrowly avoided death after suffering a heart attack, Martyn re-entered his studio and began a process of reassessing the elements that drive him to make music: sampling, unpredictability, melancholy, sci-fi, polyrhythms, texture, ecstatic moments, Detroit, interlocking percussion and bass. at 9 tracks, ‘voids’ is musically stripped down to the essentials. It’s also a highly personal take on forging new paths forward in genres where he’s long been known for his production wizardry and innovation: post-dubstep and UK garage. The record is roughly split between these musical foundations, recontextualised with elements of Nyabinghi, drum ‘n‘ bass, and gqom to form snarling, bass-driven hybrids. Fans of scuba, kode9 and ital tek should check this out.



  1. Voids One
  2. Manchester
  3. Mind Rain
  4. Nya
  5. Why
  6. Try To Love You
  7. Cutting Tone
  8. World Gate
  9. Voids Two (CD ONLY)